Would you feel more at ease if you knew you could have a strategetic meeting with a designer who's years of sales and marketing experience in the publishing industry could help you come up with ideas to formulate a consistent, elegant look and feel to your content to help scale and strengthen your brand?


This package was designed to give you a book marketing pro that can design content the two of you come up with together.


The process:

  • Shortly after signing up, we will email you to arrange a strategy call to discuss your design needs and exactly what you need help with.
  • During that call we will take notes to assess what you're trying to accomplish, the message you're trying to communicate to the world, and how you'd like that message to come across.
  • Once our strategy call is complete, we will be off to the races and designing your initial round of content.
  • From there, simply let us know of any revisions necessary after we send you your initial round of completed designs and we will edit and revise as needed.
  • We will also send you a design submission form that you will use whenever submitting your design work to us moving forward.


Price: $695 / Month


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  • All of our offerings are month-to-month. Once you have paid for your month of work, you will be able to retain our services that you paid for for the remainder of the month. We will ask you at the end of each billing cycle if you'd like to continue working with us moving forward.