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Just Wrote a Book? Here Are 3 Ways To Dominate Social Media.

Experience Digital Marketing. 3 Ways To Dominate Social Media

You just wrote a book in an effort to help grow your business by reaching more people, providing value, and maybe even adding to your credibility as an expert in what you do.

You’ve heard colleagues mention to you, “You gotta get on social media. You gotta start posting more so you can get your message out there.” If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance that at least once, your response to this statement has been, “Yeah I know, but what do I post? I’m not good at being in front of a camera to make videos all the time.”

Here’s some good news: There are 3 ways to effectively communicate your message in the digital world.

  1. Let’s keep things traditional: Written Word.

  2. This shouldn’t surprise anyone: Audio.

  3. The obvious one that’s taking over the internet: Video

Written Word

If you’re camera shy or maybe just being on camera isn’t your thing, or maybe you just genuinely love to write and written word is the most effective way for you to get your message across, you should be putting out new blog posts every week at minimum. There’s always something going on in today’s world, so whenever possible, tie what’s trending in the media to your subject matter to ensure relevance among your audience. This goes for all 3 forms of communication.


Not the best writer? Maybe your book was ghost written and the last thing you want to do after you finished up writing a book is writing again. That’s fine. Start up your own podcast and get a conversation going that way. Rather than writing about what’s going on in your mind about your industry, talk about it! Can’t get easier than that right? More than likely you will need some help from an audio technician or someone who has set up a podcast before, but once you’re over that initial set up and you have a system in place for recording, having people call in, and distributing it, you’re smooth sailing from there! And besides... it almost seems like people would rather listen than read since they can multi task (listen to your podcast and cook dinner or drive to the office at the same time).


If you’re ready to get on camera and let your face and personality be the forefront of your business, then hit that record button and start creating! There are so many options with video. You can either do a VLOG, create higher-quality content that’s been produced and directed a bit more, you can do tutorials, answer common questions you hear people in your industry face all the time, the possibilities really are endless with Video. You could even record yourself writing a blog post and time lapse that in order to create a little commercial for a new blog that answers the #1 problem all your customers are experiencing. As I’ve said before, the possibilities are endless!

There’s people out there that need their questions answered, and you have the answers. Write an article, record that first podcast, or create your first video. Let’s get to work! :)

Be great,


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