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There's No Secret To Social Media Marketing. Give Away Your Best Advice For Free.

If you're in the business of coaching, consulting, or providing a service to others, it might seem counter intuitive to just give away your best golden nuggets for free. But don't be fooled. We've all heard the saying, "99% of people who listen to your advice won't actually do anything with it," well... it's true. There's a good chance that the majority of people reading your article, listening to your podcast, or watching your videos will love the content. They'll learn a lot, they'll feel inspired and motivated, but at the end of the day they won't take any action.

Before you get worried that giving away your best content is going to kill your business, consider these two things:

1) If someone has a problem, they want to work with someone who really knows their stuff to fix it.

How can you expect people to want to do business with you if they have no way of judging whether or not you're an expert in your field? People want proof. Wouldn't you be more likely to hire a consultant, coach or company that you feel you already know and trust because you've been reading their blogs, watching their videos, and listening to their podcasts that already give great advice? If you're willing to put in the work to invest in others, show that you care, and provide them value upfront before you even ask them to sign on the dotted line, your business will be much better off in the long-run. Fortunately for us living in 2018, social media is the perfect vehicle for accomplishing this.

2) If someone isn't interested enough in doing business with you after giving them your all, they probably weren't going to do business with you in the first place.

The notion that by writing articles and recording videos filled with valuable information you're going to kill your business is absolutely ludicrous. Most of the time when we write articles or produce content for our target audience it's going to be a bit general so that a majority of the audience can relate. If someone is truly in need of some professional help whether it be some consulting, coaching, or whatever service you provide, they're more than likely always going to require a more personalized approach to their specific problem or situational needs. By showing the world that you know your stuff and proving to your audience that you're an industry expert, you're not only helping millions of people all around the world, but you're also growing your business simultaneously. It's a win-win.

No more excuses. Let's get to work! :)

Be great,


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