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Soon-To-Be Authors: Help Your Literary Agent Help You.

The publishing industry has undergone a lot of changes in the last decade, and if you're still thinking it works the same way it did back in 1998, you're going to be in for a rude awakening. With it being easier than ever to publish your book today than it ever was before because of self-publishing (which is a great route for some), traditional publishers are being more selective about who they choose to invest their money, time, and resources into.

Other than creating an incredible piece of work that stands out from the rest, what can you do to make yourself more appealing to agents and traditional publishers?

It's no secret that we are bombarded with thousands of messages every single day, and with those messages come distractions. If you're an upcoming author who has a strong social media presence, you have an easier time capturing the attention of your audience.

What does this mean for authors, agents, and publishers?

What This Means for Authors, Agents, and Publishers.

With a strong social media presence and by consistently posting quality content, you'll have the attention of your following, build relationships, and establish trust. All of the above are precursors to building a personal brand, making a name for yourself, and selling books. If you can show literary agents and publishers that you've already put in the work and are gaining substantial traction and people like your content, you'll have an easier time gaining their respect and buy-in. As an author, if you can prove that you've tapped into a market, paved your own lane, and are getting good feedback from the marketplace before an agent or publisher invests a single minute into your vision, they'll feel more comfortable about taking that first step toward building a lasting relationship with you.

Let's get to work! :)

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