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Become Known

Before people buy from you they need to know who you are. That's why we immerse ourselves in trending topics, hashtags, and create content so that your name becomes known for what you/your company do best.

How we can help you grow:


  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns

  • Social Media Strategy & Coaching

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Trigger Action

Email is a great way to trigger action from those who already know you. Social media is a great tool to create awareness and get people familiar with who you are, but email marketing is a great way to get people to take action. Whether that means you want people to read your latest article, buy a product, or inform them about a sale, the opportunities with email marketing are endless.

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Look The Part

There's nothing worse than a bad first impression. Overcome the hurdle of putting together professional looking collateral that conveys your message by letting us create your social media graphics, banners, business cards, and more.



Make The Right First Impression

Your website is a representation of your company and the team behind it. We're here to help you build a website that brings your company's vision to life.

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Structure Growth in Your Business

Do you feel like you're constantly throwing money and tricks at the wall in hopes that something will stick and develop into new business?

In a world that's become predominately digital, let us show you how to combine old-school and new-school tactics to build a marketing & sales structure that helps grow your business's top-line while developing new relationships. 

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Get Your Message Across

We're here to support you when you're presented with opportunities to write blogs, articles, or to contribute to big-time publications.

Have our expert content writer transcribe your messages and ideas into elegant, professionally written articles that position you as the thought-leader you've worked so hard to become.

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Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Graphic Design
Website Design
Content Writing
Marketing & Sales Coaching


Hear it from people we've helped

To have a successful book launch, you will need quality work, speed, and accountability — especially when it comes to social media. Working with Mike and his team means you get all of that and more.

David Ratner Publicity & Publishing Consulting

I’ve worked with Mike and his team over the past year. I launched a book in August. The team is outstanding to work with. Full service. Takes the pressure off of me totally. Very competitive pricing. Instant feedback and responsiveness is immediate. Easy to work with. No heady egos whatsoever. I’d hire them again in doing it all over.

Marja Norris, Author of The Unspoken Code

Michael Mejer of Experience Digital Marketing is smart, talented, and driven to do the best job possible for his clients. From website design to social media management if it’s digital, you need Experience Digital Marketing.

Lori Ames, President, The PRFreelancer, Inc.


If you're an author who is truly committed to leveraging your book(s) to grow your personal brand, market your business, and open doors to new opportunities, you'll need someone by your side who's been helping professionals like you, do just that. Let's get a conversation going today.

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