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The Value in Working with a Publicist During Your Book Launch

The time has come. You've spent countless days, weeks, months, probably even years on perfecting a masterpiece that you hope to call your new book very soon. Congratulations!

Where Should Authors Start?

Whether you're taking the route of traditional publishing or self publishing, at the very least you will need to understand how to bring your book to market. This includes earning the right media coverage to raise awareness and build credibility not just for your book, but for yourself as the author/expert on this topic.

Teaming up with the right publicity firm will help you do just that. Earned media coverage is different from advertising in a sense that earned media coverage isn't something that's paid for. At the most basic level, it's when a reporter, journalist, or editor sees interest in your story and wants to cover it. You've "earned" your way into the spotlight. Advertising is when you pay to be in the spotlight. When you pay to have a full page ad in a magazine, you're "paying for the spotlight."

Why is Publicity Important, and How Does it Relate to Your Book?

Earned media coverage tends to give its readers a greater sense of trust when consuming the content. If someone reads about you and your book in an article that was published by a blog or magazine that they always go to for business advice, they will be more likely to trust that you are who the article portrays you to be and check out your book, rather than seeing some corny ads pop up all over the place that say "Buy my book!"

The Power of Publicity Combined with Social Media During Launch Time

Pairing up the right publicity team with strong social media efforts can help everyone's efforts, and will almost always lead to better outcomes for authors and their books. When your publicity and marketing team are working symbiotically by following, engaging, and communicating with the right media outlets, reporters, editors, and journalists, the chances your book will catch the spotlight increase exponentially.


Experience Digital Marketing partners with some of the best publicity firms that specialize in the non-fiction, business book space and we'd be happy to make an introduction. If you're interested in teaming up with the right firm, drop a comment below or email:

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